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Crossfaith Eclipse Şarkı Sözleri

As The Shadows Fall Down We Go Underground To The Place We Rock And Roll

I’m Gonna Need Your Help This Ain’t Gonna Rock Be Itself.

Inside The Crowd, Let It All Out, Until The Sunrise Comes

We Can Rock The Party Out

Till The Morning!

Howl And Shout You Need To Burn This Mother Down

Scream And Shout You Need To Bounce Or Get Right Out!

Oh, Man I Want To Break All The Rules Tonight

You Have No Excuse Blow Up The Dance Floor

We’re Gonna Say What Fuck The System

Drop! Drop! Drop! Drop! Drop The Beat Down On Jungle Beat

Take A Look Around People Step In Here To Forget Thier Fear

Can’t You Here Thier Howling And Screaming? To Let It All Out For This Night You’re Gone

Oh, Won’t You Tell Me What I Want To Hear That We Will Last Forever

In The Night I Here The Echo Just Wanna Keep This Going Never Ending

You Make Me High, High, High Like The Stars

So Stay All Night, Night, Night Till The Sunrise

Touch The Sky Sky Sky With Diamonds

This Night Will Never End

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