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Şarkı Adı ♫ Crossfaith – We Are The Future ♫
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Crossfaith We Are The Future Şarkı Sözleri

I Can’t Look Back

I Know I’m Gonna Stray Today

Struggiing With The Dark

I Must Cut These Chains Arround Me

I Found Everything I Now Stand For

Engraved In My Soul(In My Soul)

I Don’t Wanna Live As The Dead

So I’m Gonna Cross This Line

Your Lies Are Polluting This Life We Are Living It’s Haunting Me

I’m Feeling I’m Drowning In Guilt That I Fight Each And Everyday

So It Ends Right Here And Here It Starts

I Can’t Go Back To Memories(To Memories)

Even Though I Don’t Know Where My Hope Has Gone,

It Ain’t Gonna Stop Me

It Ends Right Here The End Of Misery Here It Starts I Never Look Back

The Battle For All I Believe In

So Now This Is Time To Go

This Is The War

We Are The Future

I Gotta Run Run Run To My Future

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